Saturday, 27 February 2010


...And it comes the time when you realize to be proud of the place where you were born, despite you escaped from it with the willing of finding a better shelter.
This awareness came out of my mind by focusing on the realities of the past deserving a post in this blog, and I ended up realizing how many good bands have been cranked out in my region/town. A contextual analysis should be compulsory to understand in what sort of cultural, social and geographical context we grew up but I will simply underline how this town, and its province, called Pordenone, is often not even known by the Italians themselves.
However I reckon is my duty to make this wonders known.

TO DIE FOR, for example, left the mark on a (inter)national scale with their metallic hardcore also by being a meeting-point between metalheads and emo (omg, I did it again!) lovers, becoming famous for their live shows and the endless stage-divings involved.
From 1997 to 2003 they released three records: "Still Searching For Answers" on VacationHouse Rec, the split 10" with the german Engrave "All the passion to keep you moving" on the german label Defiance Records, and last but not least "Virus Infection Control" on Heroine Rec that marked a change into even more chaotic and metallic sound.
But, as a rule, as the appreciation was high, due to a somewhat unexplainable reason, ToDieFor split up. What remains nowadays is Slowmotion Apocalypse, a proper *punk-guys-who-play-metal* band.

On another positive note, I will never be thankful enough to them for having organised the Better Days Are Gone Festival(s).
In summers of 2000 and 2001, they put up one of the coolest hc festival of the Noughties, set in a open location at the feet of the mountains, just in the neighbourhoods of our town.
Other than being surrounded by wonderful landscapes and heterogeneous bands and public, some highlights (re)occurred in both editions of this 2 day festival and made it a legendary event, such as the free pizzas for everybody provided and delivered by some unknown and mysterious strangers, the emokids-against-metalheads football matches and the unfailing rows between the vegan-sxe-new-school kids and everyone else.

Band: ToDieFor 
Title: All The Passion To Keep You Moving - split 10inches with Engrave -
Label: Defiance Rec.
Year: 2000
Genre: metallic-hardcore.
Geographical Location: Pordenone - Friuli Venezia Giulia
Related bands: Slowmotion Apocalypse, Lucertolas, Kai Yan Wang, Enacoid, Circlesouth, Not One Word.

1. Todiefor - George Orwell Was Right
2. Todiefor - Empty Hopes
3. Todiefor - Where Angels Hide
4. Engrave - Sugar Cubes And Sweet Kisses
5. Engrave - What If
6. Engrave - She Saves The Day
7. Engrave - Target Audience
8. Engrave - Reflections