Sunday, 26 September 2010

Scena, 8 Punti.

With such a name (=The Scene) it couldn't be anything else than a band composed by well-known scenesters.
Death Before Work!, Mastic, Pipistrelli, Contrasto, La Quiete, Raein, Havah, Skruigners, Cusack, just to list some of the current bands its memebers play with.
The End Of Six Thousand Years and Roid not to forget (some of) their former ones, plus sporadic apparitions as guests in To Kill, Smart Cops, Vague Angels is what makes Filippo "Doner", Michele "Morone" Camorani, Carlo and Tadzio being considered part of an all-stars combo.

Does this Milano-based band, born in 2008, sound to your ears so self-referential and conceited? Yes, it might, or they just seems to have a well developed self-irony to some watchful eyes.
I guess the option which want them not to be taken too seriosuly is the right one.
Even though a minimun amount of referentiality is necessary if your lyrics are all about "the same old bands which always play at the same shows, copycats, the dinner break on a one day- festival, black t-shirts, the cute girl on the first row which you fall in love with", and so on.
Inspired by real life in the punk/hc scene, each acts correspond to a score (punto) which makes you step up (or step down) into the punk ranking.
La Scena has here gained 8 punti, each for every track and they can now be officially proclaimed the VIP of the punk/hc scene.
If I were you I would listen carefully to those 8 tracks of classic hardcore and would stay tuned cause they are going to release 6/7 new songs (hopefully) soon: look out because they might bitching about you too in their lyrics!

Band: Scena
Title: 8 Punti
Lable: Dance Tonight + Don't Need Recs
Year: 2009
Genre: Hardcore
Location: Milan (+ Forlì and Berlin)
Related bands: too many (read the post!)

1. Punto 1
2. Punto 2
3. Punto 3
4. Punto 4
5. Punto 5
6. Punto 6
7. Punto 7
8. Punto 8