Friday, 23 December 2011

Roccu and The Pop Anarchist

I am at my parents' these days, the Christmas routine is getting underway: old records are waiting to be played again and compulsory yearly steps can't be skipped!

A white cd-rom wrapped up in a red home printed cover is found hidden on a shelf: Roccu and the Pop Anarchist, and it's a flashback of about 10 years.

I suddenly find myself in a little village called Moglia in Emilia Romagna at the second (or third?) edition of the DanceOfDays festival organized by one of the most emo kids of all times: Simone from Modena, also known as Scrimo.

As the story goes once Scrimo had listened over the telephone a song played by A Couple, a side (electronic) project formed by Rocco Rampino and Luca Fontaneto, and got so excited that he decided to make them play the upcoming festival.

Their main official and/or former bands were La Quiete and The Death Of Anna Karina (Rocco) and One Fine Day (Luca) but their friendship and artistic esteem were so big that they shared several other short-lived projects together, such as The Diamond Sea (an all star band with members of La Quiete, By All Means, The Death Of Anna Karina and other unforgettable personalities - Hey Arash! Hey Boris!- of those times), the above mentioned A Couple, and last but not least the side-side electronic project called Roccu and The Pop Anarchist which came to life and died with that very super diy record.

So A Couple performed at DanceOfDays Fest that day and for the occasion 50 copies of this cd were recorded and printed to be given to friends for free.

'That music never went out of our bedrooms, we never performed live' explains Luca.

'I totally forgot I made that record. Well now I do remember, but it's something which slipped my mind' says Rocco "If I am not wrong my track was recorded at my parents' in Lecce (Puglia, South of Italy) during Christmas holidays, then masterized at Luca's. In the early Noughties I moved up north (Forlì/Bologna) to go to uni, so I was obliged to record my stuff all in once, anytime I had the chance to go back to my hometown: at that time I did not even own a personal computer!
I downloaded a software which I still use nowadays to make music, Reaktor, and I recorded anything that came out at my first attempt. I don't remember much more about that record, I think Luca convinced me to release it on the occasion of the DanceOfDays festival and give it away for free...(At that time) We used to play together in The Diamond Sea, and this was meant to be a side project but then anything seemed like a side project in my eyes and just the fact that Luca was involved into it meant huge excitement and a short life ---> Roccu and the Pop Anarchist= 1 record. A couple= 1 show. The Diamond Sea= 1 track recorded and 5 shows.'

'Hey side projects are short-lived by definition!' replies Luca.

Okay Luca, do not take it personally, that way you passed into legend!

Band: Roccu + The Pop Anarchist
Title: s/t
Label: self released
Year: 2002
Genre: electronic / Warp
Location: Forlì (Emilia Romagna) + Novara (Piemonte)
Related Bands: La Quiete, One Fine Day, The Death Of Anna Karina, The Diamond Sea, A Couple, Le Ceneri, Hot Gossip, A Fog In The Shell, Mouth, Congorock

1. Why Do Children Die? (Roccu)
2.Cheetah Chrome Mutherfuckers (TPA)
3.Heading Down South (TPA)
4.Will You Ever Date Me? (TPA)