Thursday, 25 March 2010

When the Kids go Indie-Pop: Fargo, Escargot City, Sybil

Three guys in their mid 20's began to delight the youth from Pordenone (yes, once again, here we are) in late '99 giving birth to Fargo, a *loveband*. I'd rather call their sound indie-pop, because the use of their self-appellation might sound both worrying or reason of a big shame but, even in hindsight, I can admit with no doubts they made a bunch of great melodic (emo) pop songs, in a certain way influenced by that midwest-emocore that was at its end in the Usa but at its first glimpses in Italy. If you expect to listen a band ala Mineral though, you are going to be disappointed.
Such a long time had passed that I couldn't even remember they opened for The Get Up Kids in Venice in may 2000, up till the last holidays back home when I met one of them who was flipping through some old pictures. Or yes, I have to admit that maybe I was too busy in following Matt Pryor & co that day.
But, as anyone else who has seen Fargo performing a live show, I do well remember their
unexceptionable stage presence, despite their so-called lovesongs.
During their short existence, they self-released 300 copies of a three-song 7": the double thickness of the vinyl and the artwork by Alessandro Baronciani made a little gem of it.
A few months ago Knifeville published on a digital support, a full lenght including the tracks from the 7" plus all the unreleased songs they recorded back in 2000. A Record That Was Never Made, is fully downloadable here.
Rumors say they will play a reunion show one day... maybe... at some point...
In the meantime you might bump into some of its members at any northern soul all-nighter. They are pretty good dancers!

Fargo 2000

Fargo 2008

Band: Fargo
Title: s/t
Label: self-released
Year: 2000
Genre: indie-pop, emo
Geographical location: Pordenone - Friuli Venezia Giulia.

1. What Coul Be Wrong?
2. I Feel Nothing
3. Me And My Half

Escargot City has unfortunately been a comet appearing in the late '90s to the eyes of a privileged public of "neighbours". I bet no one else living further off than 50 km from Portogruaro (a small village, maybe just known for being an important junction connecting the hinterland with the north-eastern seaside of the Country) had the chance to listen or even to hear about them.
As a matter of fact what remains of their existence is only a demotape recorded in 1998 but absolutely forward-looking: when I found by mistake the tape, only two or three years ago, and listened to it again it sounded so up-to-date to my ears.
No need to discuss any further, just listen to these awesome melodic pop songs.

Band: Escargot City
Title: s/t (demotape)
Label: self-released
Year: 1998
Genre: indie-pop
Geographical location: Portogruaro (Venezia) - Veneto

1. Constant Blowing
2. Crush
3. Duel
4. One Thousand Miles Stare
5. Twirl

Last but not least, from the west-coast side, another example of supreme indiepop comes from Sybil. Active during the same years, differently from Fargo and Escargot City, they released an Ep thanks to a co-production between Greenrecords and Candy Apple Rec (Burning Defeat's singer's label). There was a time when this great ep was available to my pleasure in a 60' tdk , but it was stolen after a while by my nextdoor neighbour because of a punkrock compilation recorded on the B side: I remember how much I loved Goodmorning Midnight when I was 16. Exactly as much as I love the Smiths' cover Asleep today, retrieved due to the courtesy of Tixi on YellowBlueAndGreen.

Band: Sybil
Title: In A Small Town
Label: Green Records / Candy Apple
Year: 1997
Genre: indie pop
Geographical Location: Genova - Liguria
Related bands: Heartside

1. T.T.
2. Different
3. What If I Say...
4. Asleep
5. Goodmorning Midnight
6. I Love You
7. Watery Eyes