Sunday, 19 December 2010

Verme - Vai Verme Vai.

All star band featuring members of: Fine Before You Came, Dummo, Agatha, Hot Gossip.
Someone claimed the '98 is back.
Someone else swore to have seen teenagers and youngsters-wannabe in their thirties tearing their hair out at their shows.
How would you define this, if not a proper phenomenon of collective delirium? Does anyone feel to blame whoever is involved in it though? I personally would not. At least for two simple reasons:
The lyrics are short and forceful, with a slight hint of humor.

Tornando a casa mi son dimenticato di comprare il latte, non arrabbiarti, facciamo che hai ragione tu, son sempre il solito coglione .
Going back home I forgot to buy milk, don't get upset, let's say you are right and i'm always the same dickhead.

The sounds remind me a lot of -obviously- Fine Before You Came, - or let's better say the voice imprint is unamistakable -
The bass lines and guitar's arpeggios give goosebumps and each song goes straight to the point -or straight to the core.
Nostalgic genuine punk. That's it.

Vai Verme Vai is the second Ep, which is also downloadable, like the first one, from Verme's blog/ website.

Band: Verme
Title: Vai Verme Vai
Label: self-released (?)
Year: 2010
Genre: punk, emo '98
Location: Milano
Related Bands: Agatha, Fine Before You Came, Dummo, Hot Gossip

1. Coglione
2. Figlio
3. Gatto Gatto Gatto
4. Risse Risse Risse

Sunday, 24 October 2010

What we do is secret, but...

I've got few more stuff ready to be posted here.
It takes a certain amount of time to make sure everything is ok, the mp3s are tagged, covers and pictures fit the layout and something which makes sense has been written, etc etc.
It's not an easy job, surely more tough than what I thought when I decided to open this blog.
and so sometimes I find myself wondering - with no consistent answers - why I'm still doing this: it's not source of earnings of any kind (and I've never thought it might/should have been so), and majority of people in the world couldn't care less about a small indipendent punk scene developed in Italy. to sum up it's in most occasions a waste of time.

"Do other people think the same?"

(Positive) feedback is not just welcome, it is essential, because what we do is secret yes it is, but what we do and what has been done with sweat, blood, efforts, pride and joy should be preserved and handed down through the years without the risk of being forgotten.
Feel free to write me, then. Oh by the way, my name is Sara and my address is on the right side of this page.

In the meanwhile I added a few more Stellina's pics here:
and a Burning Defeat's live video shooted in 1 9 9 4 here.

Now playing Rites Of Spring, s/t

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Scena, 8 Punti.

With such a name (=The Scene) it couldn't be anything else than a band composed by well-known scenesters.
Death Before Work!, Mastic, Pipistrelli, Contrasto, La Quiete, Raein, Havah, Skruigners, Cusack, just to list some of the current bands its memebers play with.
The End Of Six Thousand Years and Roid not to forget (some of) their former ones, plus sporadic apparitions as guests in To Kill, Smart Cops, Vague Angels is what makes Filippo "Doner", Michele "Morone" Camorani, Carlo and Tadzio being considered part of an all-stars combo.

Does this Milano-based band, born in 2008, sound to your ears so self-referential and conceited? Yes, it might, or they just seems to have a well developed self-irony to some watchful eyes.
I guess the option which want them not to be taken too seriosuly is the right one.
Even though a minimun amount of referentiality is necessary if your lyrics are all about "the same old bands which always play at the same shows, copycats, the dinner break on a one day- festival, black t-shirts, the cute girl on the first row which you fall in love with", and so on.
Inspired by real life in the punk/hc scene, each acts correspond to a score (punto) which makes you step up (or step down) into the punk ranking.
La Scena has here gained 8 punti, each for every track and they can now be officially proclaimed the VIP of the punk/hc scene.
If I were you I would listen carefully to those 8 tracks of classic hardcore and would stay tuned cause they are going to release 6/7 new songs (hopefully) soon: look out because they might bitching about you too in their lyrics!

Band: Scena
Title: 8 Punti
Lable: Dance Tonight + Don't Need Recs
Year: 2009
Genre: Hardcore
Location: Milan (+ Forlì and Berlin)
Related bands: too many (read the post!)

1. Punto 1
2. Punto 2
3. Punto 3
4. Punto 4
5. Punto 5
6. Punto 6
7. Punto 7
8. Punto 8

Friday, 30 July 2010


A long duration break it is worth when you end up getting one of the few italian emo 90's masterpieces (for what it represents, at least).
Released in 1996, the 2 songs on the A side are the only -officially known- relics for Mindless Collision, a band from Guastalla (the same small village in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, that gave birth to Mourn), playing a "slow, gloomy & desperate hardcore screamo with a metallic touch, like acme, uranus, or systral" (Op. Cit). Nothing I have ever gone mad for, anyway.
Bontà by With Love on the B side instead has been the most buzzed about: both sound and lyrics, - if today they seem to be out-of-date - in the good old mid Nineties were considered partly innovative and politically committed and partly appalling by the anti-emo squads.
Seriously speaking, Bontà's lyrics (find the english translation in the inlay) and the concepts' explanation sound today so naive or taken for granted, and the music old fashioned and stereotyped. Don't forget the context though: Italy, 1996: a certainty that With Love has always been some sort of forerunner for a certain type of sound.

Band: Midless Collision + With Love
Title: s/t
Label: I Think Rec
Year: 1996
Genre: Screamo / Hardcore

1. Meninos Da Rua + Ricordi (Mindless Collision)
2. Bontà (With Love)

Thursday, 20 May 2010


From :
To :
Subject : Re:
Date : Wed, 19 May 2010 11:14:31 +0200 the way...
I am puzzled.
And I'm going to tell you why.
I was supposed to publish on my own blog The Rituals' full-lenghts, introducing them with something that sounded more or less like:

"I used to listen to punkrock when I was 15/16.
Then you grow up, you change your music tastes, your habits, you think you got over a period of your life and a certain kind of music too...
One day though, when you have already turned 25, a record called The Past Twelve Months comes out, upsetting all you certainties about your life and making you re-discover a deep love for (what I personally call) punkrock"

This happened last night.
This morning instead, I was surfing through the SOV website, when, by mistake, I found this review, written by you:

THE RITUALS. there are moments in your life in which your musical taste drastically changes. bands, genres you were used to listen to daily, instantly start to sound boring, annoying or even disgusting, and you have to try something fresher, newer, and totally different. i've personally never been that much into punk rock music (which actually andrea loves), i always have been more into screamo/emo violence stuff, post-hardcore oriented metalheads band or sorta. later on i've focused more into grungy stuff, postpunk, postrock, new wave/dark music and eventually, some punkrock.
the rituals is a band that took me in the fabulous world of punkrock music, and i will never be thankful enough to these guys for this.

So, what should I do now? Deleting everything? I don't want people thinking I copied and pasted your words!


From :
To :
Subject : Re:
Date : Wed, 19 May 2010 19:28 +0200

...You know what?
In my opinion you should keep the email you sent me, translate it and using it as introduction in your blog.
That's awesome. I mean, finding out you have written the same things someone else did, either about a band or a record, means that they're working. And they are doing really good.

Well said.
Any further comment will be just pointless.


Band: Rituals
Title: The Past Twelve Months
Label: Wynona Rec
Year: 2006
Genre: punk rock, melodic hc
Geographic Location: Verona - Veneto

1. Not a Tear
2. Leave This Town In Flames
3. An Inept Need For The Backups
4. Back In the Days
5. Song Formerly Known As "Love Song"
6. 100 Razors
7. Clean
8. What You'll Pay For
9. The Knife, The Hand And The Stab
10. Tolerant
11. The Brootherhood
12. Button Shaped Eyes


Band: Rituals
Title: Celebrate Life
Label: Sons Of Vesta
Year: 2009
Genre: punk rock
Geographic Location: Verona - Veneto

1. Night...
2. ...And the New Born Poets' Mouths Full Of Cutlery
3. Remembering Herostratus ( The Temple Of Ephesus)
4. Naked ( In The woods)
5. Chronicles Of A Van-Tastic Journey!
6. The Migrants
7. Moving Like Wolves At Night
8. A Beard And Its Shadow
9. Votre Cerveu Trompe Vos Yeux!
10. No Organs
11. Naked ( Underneath Blankets)
12. Polite And Clean
13: Harvester
14. Romeo Of All Romeos

Monday, 5 April 2010

Youth Of Today: Dummo and Viralvision

...Because I need to remind myself this blog is not only about the glorification of the ancient splendours.

Take a young (boy)band called Dummo. And take a young talented director known as Viralvisions. The result of these young beautiful minds clashing together, is Maschera Da Cane, both a song that can't come out of your mind, and a videoclip shooted at Dauntaun /Leoncavallo in Milan, more and more pleasant as you watching it again and again.
Dummo is Tommaso, Axel and Alessandro, it's born in Umbertide (Perugia - Umbria), and it's mainly influenced by Altro and Fine Before You Came.
Viralvisions is Ivana, a smart lady that on top of her activity as a diy director, plays with The Infarto, Scheisse! and carries on a titanic project: the production of a documentary about the italian diy scene of today: 16hours of live sets, interviews and several shooting: everything is almost ready but frozen in her hard disk. Only the last effort needs to be made: the editing.
I've been waiting for this documentary for at least two years now. If you see her around, you must tell her to hurry up, or all this precious material will go lost!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Fargo live in Maniago.

And so it seems everybody goes crazy for Fargo recently.
Tonight I bumped into this little piece of history.
It dates back to a memorable festival in september 2000, in a squatted house in Maniago.
That day also Fine Before You Came played an unforgettable gig.
I can proudly say I was there.