Friday, 30 July 2010


A long duration break it is worth when you end up getting one of the few italian emo 90's masterpieces (for what it represents, at least).
Released in 1996, the 2 songs on the A side are the only -officially known- relics for Mindless Collision, a band from Guastalla (the same small village in the heart of Emilia-Romagna, that gave birth to Mourn), playing a "slow, gloomy & desperate hardcore screamo with a metallic touch, like acme, uranus, or systral" (Op. Cit). Nothing I have ever gone mad for, anyway.
Bontà by With Love on the B side instead has been the most buzzed about: both sound and lyrics, - if today they seem to be out-of-date - in the good old mid Nineties were considered partly innovative and politically committed and partly appalling by the anti-emo squads.
Seriously speaking, Bontà's lyrics (find the english translation in the inlay) and the concepts' explanation sound today so naive or taken for granted, and the music old fashioned and stereotyped. Don't forget the context though: Italy, 1996: a certainty that With Love has always been some sort of forerunner for a certain type of sound.

Band: Midless Collision + With Love
Title: s/t
Label: I Think Rec
Year: 1996
Genre: Screamo / Hardcore

1. Meninos Da Rua + Ricordi (Mindless Collision)
2. Bontà (With Love)