Sunday, 3 November 2013

Stellina. Live in Pordenone, 1997.

Forgotten and obscure videotapes sometimes arise from dusty shelves like precious relics.

In the last paragraph of this old post I mentioned a secret-ish Stellina show (and a few other local bands) in their reharsal room, back in 1997.
During that cold night, what was somehow supposed to be an intimate private gig, turned into the Saturday night event for all the youngsters in town. Maybe that's why we all remember it so well.

Over a year ago, during one of my periodic homecoming, my friend Ivan informed me there was actually someone holding a videotape of that night.
The mission was going to be difficult, although not impossible: retrieve the VHS, borrow it from the owner, and digitize it.
When you have such idea in mind, and you actually live in two different countries and you also have to involve other people to do the dirty job, it could take years and years to reach your aim.
Sure enough, almost two years have gone and only part of the VHS has been correctly transformed in a digital format.

For the time being enjoy Stellina full set, more or less 15 mins of 90's emocore.

Many thanks go to Ivan and to Giorgio who kindly lent the VHS.