Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Nuvolablu - Occhi Rossi a Colazione

Recorded in 1996, as meant to be their second full lenght, this cd never came out.
The 10 tracks you can find in the link below were released only in 1998, after their break-up, when Love Boat Rec with the co-production of Korto Cirkuito and Krikk'E Kasteddu, decided to give them birth on a demo tape, making therefore this Nuvolablu record more unobtainable than ever.
I don't remember exactly how and where I got this tape from, but I do well remember how I got rid of it a few years ago: just by swapping it with another record I will never mention. SHAME ON ME! So I will use this occasion to thank this misterious guy for having scanned for me the cover of the tape that once was mine.

Band: Nuvolablu
Title: Occhi Rossi a Colazione
Label: Love Boat / Korto Cirkuito / Krikk'E Kasteddu
Year: 1998
Genre: punk, DC hardcore, ...
Geographical Location: Torino - Piemonte

1. A Voce Bassa
2. Ultimo Uomo
3. Sogno
4. L'Alba e l'Angelo
5. Tre Lune 1
6. Tre Lune 2
7. Tre Lune 3
8. Sospeso nell'Aria
9. Vuoto
10. Occhi Rossi a Colazione

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  1. e brava, me lo avranno chiesto in mille, non lo avevo memmeno io, adesso tocca a me!!