Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Burning Defeat - Seldom

Band: Burning Defeat
Title: Seldom
Label: Green Records
Year: 1996
Genre: Post-hardcore, emocore
Geographical Location: Alessandria - Piemonte

Related bands: One Fine Day, Handrail, Mudhead, Deep End, Green Like July, Permanent Scar, Carver.

1. agoraphobia
2. I-F 1889
3. Ravel
4. Holy diver
5. Chocked truth
6. Nightflight
7. "...I've partaken to nothing"
8. From rail to rail
9. Open gate
10. Frantic
11. Lullaby (lock-keeper)

Singlin' out the aims 7"
12. Pain addiction
13. No prospective
14. Rainy day

This is where it all began.
31st December 1996. The day when my stereo played Seldom for the first time. Until that day I had no clue who Burning Defeat were and I had never heard of a kind of music, or whatever it was, called Emocore before. What I am thoroughly sure of though, is that from that very moment Burning Defeat and their sound truly captured me and I couldn't help but listen to Seldom twice a day for at least 3 months in a row.
Burning Defeat were a band from Alessandria, a town in the north-west side of Italy, active in the mid 90's.
Seldom, which also includes their previous 7" "Singlin' Out The Aims" is their (sole) full length released in 1996 by Green Records, one of the best diy record labels active in Italy over the 90's (besides being a record shop and a mailorder).
Labelled by magazines and fanzines of that time as one of the best italian post-hc records (surely one of my favourite album of all time), the product of those 14 tracks was said to remind bands such as Quicksand or Jane's Addiction.
It was in 1997 or 1998 that, when they were just about to be appreciated outside of Italy, they decided to split up.


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