Monday, 5 April 2010

Youth Of Today: Dummo and Viralvision

...Because I need to remind myself this blog is not only about the glorification of the ancient splendours.

Take a young (boy)band called Dummo. And take a young talented director known as Viralvisions. The result of these young beautiful minds clashing together, is Maschera Da Cane, both a song that can't come out of your mind, and a videoclip shooted at Dauntaun /Leoncavallo in Milan, more and more pleasant as you watching it again and again.
Dummo is Tommaso, Axel and Alessandro, it's born in Umbertide (Perugia - Umbria), and it's mainly influenced by Altro and Fine Before You Came.
Viralvisions is Ivana, a smart lady that on top of her activity as a diy director, plays with The Infarto, Scheisse! and carries on a titanic project: the production of a documentary about the italian diy scene of today: 16hours of live sets, interviews and several shooting: everything is almost ready but frozen in her hard disk. Only the last effort needs to be made: the editing.
I've been waiting for this documentary for at least two years now. If you see her around, you must tell her to hurry up, or all this precious material will go lost!