Thursday, 26 November 2009

HAVAH - demo

I am pretty sure that whoever knows who Michele Camorani is (and he does know very well who we are - ops! that's an inside joke, sorry), has wondered how he is able to manage such a committed life, supposing that he lives in the same spatio-temporal dimension as we do.
After La quiete, Raein, Contrasto, Scena, several yearly tours all around the world, his screenprinting (full-time) job known as Serimal, and various appereances as a guest in few different bands, HAVAH is the last and umpteenth solo-project of the above-mentioned and most active italian drummer and diy-er.
What does it sound like? There's just one word to describe it: Blank Dogs.
Or, to be more precise, a really trendy mixture between new wave, and lo-fi garage.
This is so 2009!

HAVAH - HdemoH

Band: Havah
Title: Hdemoh
Label: Ammagar
Year: 2009
Genre: New Wave, Garage, Lo-fi, Punk
Geographical Location: Forlì - Emilia Romagna

1. Forever true
2. Troubles
3. Spread
4. Warehouse beat
5. In G and E
6. 23 channels
7. Glue

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  1. veramente un ottimo lavoro, mi ci rispecchio un sacco nella scelta dei tuoi post, siamo cresciuti con la stessa colonna sonora!!