Sunday, 19 December 2010

Verme - Vai Verme Vai.

All star band featuring members of: Fine Before You Came, Dummo, Agatha, Hot Gossip.
Someone claimed the '98 is back.
Someone else swore to have seen teenagers and youngsters-wannabe in their thirties tearing their hair out at their shows.
How would you define this, if not a proper phenomenon of collective delirium? Does anyone feel to blame whoever is involved in it though? I personally would not. At least for two simple reasons:
The lyrics are short and forceful, with a slight hint of humor.

Tornando a casa mi son dimenticato di comprare il latte, non arrabbiarti, facciamo che hai ragione tu, son sempre il solito coglione .
Going back home I forgot to buy milk, don't get upset, let's say you are right and i'm always the same dickhead.

The sounds remind me a lot of -obviously- Fine Before You Came, - or let's better say the voice imprint is unamistakable -
The bass lines and guitar's arpeggios give goosebumps and each song goes straight to the point -or straight to the core.
Nostalgic genuine punk. That's it.

Vai Verme Vai is the second Ep, which is also downloadable, like the first one, from Verme's blog/ website.

Band: Verme
Title: Vai Verme Vai
Label: self-released (?)
Year: 2010
Genre: punk, emo '98
Location: Milano
Related Bands: Agatha, Fine Before You Came, Dummo, Hot Gossip

1. Coglione
2. Figlio
3. Gatto Gatto Gatto
4. Risse Risse Risse

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