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Ok, nostalgia often gets the upper hand but sometimes there's no need to go that far back in the days, when there are bands that EVEN in the Noughties made such good music.

Afraid! is a five-piece band from Verona. A band that, for a certain period of time, I had to follow anywhere they play.
Their line up and sound have changed a lot through the years.
Just straight after their birth, years 2002- 2003, they sounded like The Get Up Kids (do not mention it to them, please!), then they went through that San Diego screamo phase which lasted for the majority of their years of activity, and then end up with a new-wawish touch in their last record Megalöklift released in 2009.
Now I tend to talk about Afraid! with the past tense due to the fact their last appearance happened long time ago but Afraid! are still in their rehearsal room, working on some new tunes which - according to their own opinion - many people won't like as much as the previous albums.

If you want to have a written definition of what you are going to listen through these pages, think to a somehow poppish and danceable version of the Crimson Curse, and there you will have only a very far idea of what Afraid! sounds like. Definitions suck. The use of your own ears wins.

Afraid! - s/t EP

Band: Afraid!
Title: s/t, Ep
Label: self released
Year: 2004
Genre: San Diego wave
Location: Verona - Veneto
Artwork: ericailcane

1. Knock, Please
2. Kissing Joey Tempest
3. Red Refrain
4. Under Coppers Of The Chestnut Tree
5. Chicken Winged Angels
6. The Filthy Adultery

A Flower Kollapsed, Afraid! split cd

Band: Afraid! + A Flower Kollapsed
Title: -
Label: Error! Rec. + Holidays Rec.
Year: 2007
Genre: San Diego Wave + Math-core
Location: Verona - Veneto + Conegliano (Treviso) - Veneto.
Artwork: Tommaso Gorla

1. A Flower Kollapsed: Blank Picture is Cool.
2. A Flower Kollapsed: Chrocodile Two Meters Long, Three Three Meters.
3. Afraid!: Varenne, Varenne
4. Afraid!: Songoffedcka

Afraid!, s/t, 7"

Band: Afraid!
Title: s/t
Label: Holidays Rec
Year: 2008
Genre: San Diego wave
Location: Verona - Veneto
Artwork: Canedicoda

1. The Aim Generator
2. Whenever Yo Go Dancing, There Always Be Someone Who Does The Robot
3. Sweaty Jesus After The Miracle

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