Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Solo Per I Tuoi Occhi - mid 90's HC videotape compilation

It spread out along the web today at the speed of light: it's a piece of history, memories, nostalgia.

You can't miss it if you lived those years, if you always wanted to live those years or if you are just a music geek.

This video compilation, dated 1995, contains footages recorded in 3 different italian squats in Veneto and Emilia Romagna, the most relevant areas during the mid/late 90's in terms of bands and gigs.

You will have the pleasure to watch, in order:

Snowfall (Vicenza)
Lifetime (Usa)
MOURN (Guastalla)
Omaha (USA)
Bluid (Treviso)
Konfettura (Cesena)
Concrete (Rome)
Metroschifter (Usa)
X gocce nel mare X (Vicenza)
Antisgammo (Padova)
Burning Defeat (Alessandria)
Ivory Cage (Bologna)
Gilda (Verona)
Bruma (Roma)
With Love (Vittorio Veneto - Treviso)
Peace Of Mind (n/a)
Geyser (Padova)
Daniele Brusaschetto Project Band (n/a)

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