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Mid 90's Italian emocore: Mourn. Snowfall. Stellina.

Thirteen steps behind, one per year, and straight back to the mid 90's again.
An ancient era in which, if a semi-unknown band split up you wouldn't have had any chance to know that in a decent time, and neither to stalk them on the Internet with the mere scope of finding out what they were up to.
And the same sort of suddenish and unexplainable end is what the three bands I am going to introduce had in common.


Mourn, originary from Guastalla (near Modena) after the 7" that follows, had the chance -and the skill- to stand out and released a full lenght cd on Green Records, that, as previously said was a fundamental benchmark label.
All of a sudden though, they changed genre becoming more and more melodic, and after a while split up or at least this is what it was said.
The drummer is still playing nowadays in loads of different bands such as By all Means, The Death of Anna Karina, Irma Vep, Lady Tornado, and it is probable this list is lacking of some more bands I can't think of right now.

Band: Mourn
Title: s/t
Label: Insociale Records
Year: 1996
Genre: Emocore, Punk
Geographical Location: Guastalla, Reggio Emilia - Emilia Romagna
Related bands: too many...

1. Ilse
2. 1# minute
3. Remember


I don't really know a lot about Snowfall, apart from the fact they were from Vicenza (north-east side of Italy). The thing is that I bought their vinyl by chance during a gig back in the days. I was just having a look at some records when the cover of their 7" captured me. The guy behind the distro nodded and smiled as saying "yeah go for it, it's amazing". I trusted him. I still think it was worth.

By checking their myspace though, it seems they are back. I honestly don't know what are their plans and i haven't listened to those new song either, but... sometimes I feel like I just want to preserve the good old memories...

Band: Snowfall
Title: s/t
Label: Twilight Records
Year: 1996
Genre: Emocore
Geographical Location: Vicenza - Veneto

1. Shades of Grey
2. No time


Even if the loss of memory is getting a serious matter to me, I think I ought to remember something more about Stellina, as this band was originary from my hometown.
In my defence though, I have to admit that, as far as I can remember, I don't think I saw them live more than three times: after all at the age of 16, poor me, I wasn't allowed to go outside town by night, ( I can tell you how much I used to love matinees), so I might be wrong.
I remember though, of an amazing secret gig in their tiny rehearsal room with two or three more local bands: they hung up the flyers all over the town but without giving any indication about the location and the venue, with the aim of spreading the voice and creating an aura of mistery about the event. In spite of this, surprisingly, the whole youth of the town showed up at the gig, forming a massive crowd and turning the private secret gig into a public saturday night amusement. Definitely good fun.

Anyway, Stellina (must be also mentioned that the drummer will later join With Love) were able to record and produce this 7" and let themselves be known with a tour around the country before prematurely breaking up.


Band: Stellina
Title: s/t
Label: self-released
Year: 1997
Genre: Emocore, punk.
Geographical Location: Pordenone - Friuli Venezia Giulia
Related bands: With Love, Amon, Members of Parliament, Smart Cops, Pain, Dejligt, Ninos Du Brasil.

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