Sunday, 6 December 2009

Good old 90's again: Nuvolablu / Sensounico, Eversor / Tempozero.

Mid 90's again.
Nuvolablu and Senso Unico shared this 7" released on Krikk'e Kasteddu on 1996.
I can't say any further about Senso Unico firstly because I have never heard anything else apart these two songs and secondly because their ska-punk is not really my cup of tea. Nonetheless, the record is worth just for the Nuvolablu side: two songs of poppish Washington DC/Fugazi- punk oriented, even if in my humble opinion they were a representative example of a typical and original sound of the northwestern italian bands during those years.
If Torino was Nuvolablu's hometown, Aosta was Tempo Zero's one: once again north-west and, without breaking the rule, again a band strongly influenced by a Dischord sound.
I should write a post apart and spend too many words to talk about Eversor instead, one of the longest-lived italian punk bands.
Maybe I will do it later on, one day, if I ever manage to upload their full discography. For the time being you ought to know in 2000 they changed drummer and became the Miles Apart.


Band: SensoUnico / Nuvolablu
Title: s/t
Label: Krikk'e Kasteddu
Year: 1996
Genre: punk
Geographical Location: Torino - Piemonte (Nuvolablu). Cagliari - Sardegna (SensoUnico)

1. Senza Coscienza (Sensounico)
2. Calma (Sensounico)
3. Odio senza occhi (Nuvolablu)
4. Senza parole (Nuvolablu)


Band: Tempo Zero / Eversor
Title: s/t
Label: Enphasys
Year: 1997
Genre: Punk
Geographical Location: Aosta - Valle D'Aosta (Tempozero). Gabicce, Pesaro - Marche (Eversor)

1. Container (Tempo Zero)
2. Video (Tempo Zero)
3. In the threshold (Eversor)
4. Shield (Eversor)


  1. gran blog!
    e ottimi 7" (li ho entrambi, comprati poco fa)!

  2. grazie grazie, positive feedback sempre bene accetto!

  3. grazie! mi ascolto 'senza parole' dei nuvolablu in loop :)

  4. saredi, dammi un link buono per il pezzo dei nuvolablu. veloce.

  5. Devo riaggiornare tutti i link.
    Uno sfacelo!

  6. non รจ che hai il 7" dei sender?