Tuesday, 25 August 2009

With Love

Formed in 1995, With Love had been the first band in Italy to embody the prototype of the screamo band back in the mid 90's. In the beginning in fact, they used to play a caothic and screamed 90's emocore a la Ebullition. Known for their intense and passionate live sets, usually degerating into chaos with members of the band screaming and rolling on the stage, it goes without saying that they soon turned into the scapegoat in the vicious fight between the emos and the tough guys.
Gossips aside, their first full lenght came out on Greenrecords only in 1998, after a few 7"s or some - literally diy - releases such as the remarkable split tape with Concrete, recorded during a house show.
What made With Love essential though, was their constant evolution, the will to explore new sounds that drove the band in the space of a decade (they split up in 2006) beyond the border of punk music.
Another peculiarity of this band, is the massive influence they got from their own singer Nico Vascellari, a conceptual artist who often employed the band in his own performances and vice-versa: it is no accident therefore, that their musical experience ended up with "A great circle" a cd/dvd out on Gsl Records, not just a simple music record but the reprocessing on video of three past perfomances set to music by his bandmates.
Think whatever you want, if there had been a best live act prize, With Love would have certainly been the winners.
The first two With Love's albums (personally my favourite ones) follow.

Band: With Love
Title: s/t
Label: Green Records
Year: 1998
Genre: punk- emocore- screamo (?)
Geographical Location: Vittorio Veneto, Treviso - Veneto

1. Ciò che ho
2. Canzone veloce n°
3. Campane
4. Un solo concetto
5. Sparta
6. Brevi considerazioni sulla possibilità di comunicare
7. Prospettive per il futuro
8. Sbarre

Band: With Love
Title: I Love Cul-De-Sac
Lable: Green Records
Year: 2000
Genre: punk, screamo, whatever
Geographical Location: Vittorio Veneto, Treviso - Veneto

1. Blood is blood even if it looks like a smile
2. Swallowing indigestible food
3. Past is worse than a mutilated hand
4. M is for M is dead
5. I'll breath in the water
6. Welcome
7. Tongue Illustrations
8. Kiss me goodbye
9. Eat him! Drink him!

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