Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lago Morto

It seems that the new trend for the summer season 2009 in Italy is setting up all-star bands. Lago Morto though is more than just a band. Or less, if you consider it lasted for about 20 days only.
Lago Morto is an (artistic) project, born and dead in Vittorio Veneto, a small town of almost 30.000 inhabitants nearby Treviso, and conceived by Nico Vascellari, With Love's singer, whom I already mentioned in the previous post. A project carried out by members of With Love, A Flower Kollapsed and Lucertolas, all living in the north-east area of the mediterranean peninsula.
It is not clear if Lago Morto was a short-lived punk band or a noisy artistic experiment, but it has certainly spread rumors all over the web between the so-called hc scene and the unaware witnesses bumped into the shows.
Fifteen gigs in a row, a whole "tour" based exclusively in Vittorio Veneto, and above all the choice to play in unusual venues and odd locations such as pizza shops, restaurants, laundrettes, video megastores, old inns, etc. After that Lago Morto was actually over .
Think about your granma going to do the washing at the local laundrette and running into those crazy guys making an unbearable noise and stage-diving over the washing machines... This is enough to point out the weirdness and the brilliance of this project.

Exceptionally the very last Lago Morto's performance took place in a art exhibition in Graz, Austria.

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